Get Pumped Gym Playlist

This playlist will help you own your hour long workout.

I use the Spotify app for streaming and listening to music. I like that you can browse through top charts and  playlists based on your own musical preferences. Every Monday, Spotify also puts together a “Discover Weekly” playlist based off what you’ve been listening to. I’ll be honest, sometimes my Discover Weekly totally sucks. But sometimes Spotify nails it and I end up downloading songs I never would have come across before. I pay monthly so that I can listen to music without using data in the car, but the free version is just as good

Get Pumped Gym Playlist by Sarah

{My} Top Songs From this Playlist

“In Da Club”

50 Cent throwback! Certified classic from 2003. Go shawty, it’s your birthday.


AKA, the Magic Mike song 😉 Ladies, you know this song makes you feel hot. And when you feel hot, you feel confident. Confidence=power=stronger lifts!

“Donald Trump”

Political opinions aside, I like this song.

“Say My Name”

I first heard this song on one of my favorite fitness Youtubers, Emily Duncan’s channel, so when I listen to it I think of her, which motivates me big time because she is someone I really admire in the fitness industry.

“Jordan Belfort”

Don’t ask me why, but this song gets me soo pumped. Confession: I used to listen to this before my 8 am Saturday Biology lab last semester to help wake me up. I was the life of the party in that lab- the power of music folks 😉

Hope you enjoyed this playlist!

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