#1 Reason Why You Didn’t Get Her Number

I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a college course required for all males (and honestly females too) on dating and relationship etiquette, specifically on how to appropriately approach a female if they want any hope of any future conversations or interactions.

And Tip #1 is introduce yourself.

I felt compelled to write this post because twice in the past 3 weeks I have been asked for my number by two different boys (I say boys because a man would not do this) and both of them did not introduce themselves or ask my name- what is that about?!

This is how I was approached

Boy: “Hey so, I was just wondering, can I have your number?

Me: “Umm, you wanna tell me your name?”

I’m sorry, but why the heck would I give you my number if you didn’t even ask my name or tell me yours? Like what are you going to put me in your phone as? Hot Girl From Gym?

Come on now.

With the second guy I spent a little time talking to him about what he should do next tip.

Steps to Asking a Female for Her Number

1.Introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Joe, what’s your name?

2. Have a little conversation before going in for the kill.

And I mean more than “You’re hot.” Actually ask things like ”What are you studying… oh ya I took a class like that last semester, who is your professor?”

3.Then if the female doesn’t look freaked out or very uncomfortable, you may ask her for her number.

“So, it was really nice talking to you [insert female’s name], I was wondering if I could get your number?”

Boom, easy.

Now, I understand it is hard for guys. I can imagine it must be nerve racking approaching a woman you find attractive. The threat of rejection is definetly there, but if you take the time to actually talk to the girl, I can promise you your odds of getting those digits will go up by at least 80%.

Disclaimer, I am not single and am in a very loving and committed relationship with an amazing man. So, these boys that approached me had no chance from the get go, but the message here for my girls is: do not settle for anything less than a gentleman.

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