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Some Workout Clothes and Gear

Happy Tuesday!

I’m back at school which means I have access to a gym again! I love running outside but as I mentioned in a previous post, I want to get into lifting more this year and the gym is a good place for that obviously.

I put together a little roundup of my favorite workout clothes. I like shopping at Target, Tj Maxx/Marshalls and Dick’s Sporting Goods for most of my clothes. If I know my size in something though I’ve found that shopping around online you can get things cheaper that way.

I just bought these last week from Target and I’m actually wearing them now as I type this post! I worked out in them early this morning before my 8am class and they were so comfy both at the gym, and while sitting in lecture! I love the pattern and they’r are cute enough that I don’t feel like I’m totally bumming it by wearing them to class 😉

Nike Pro compression shorts are a staple in my workout wardrobe. I feel like I’m not even wearing shorts when I have them on! You can’t beat that in my opinion. I like that they come in fun colors too, while I typically stick to black or grey, I like getting ones with a pop of color on the elastic and Nike symbol for a bit of fun.

Brooks Pure Connects are the shoes I’m running in right now. I’ve been a Brooks wearer for a few years, they seem to fit my foot better than any other running shoe. I like the Pure Connects because they are super light weight, but still feel really supportive. They also have an almost “springy” feel to them.

My dad got me a similar shirt (he got it at the Adidas Outlet, so I think this is the newest version) for Christmas. It’s super light weight but long sleeved for those cooler days. It’s very breathable and I like the color options.

I have this foam roller in purple(my favorite color!). It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment- hurts so good! Foam rolling is super important for recovery and I need to get better at doing it more consistently.

About Time protein powder is delicious! I bought the Birthday Cake flavor a little while ago and now I’m to the bottom of the tub. Don’t worry though, I have the Vanilla in the mail 😉 I really like the nutritional profile of this powder, and I really like the short list of ingredients. They also have a vegan version.

That’s it for my list! If I had all the money in the world, I know I could do some crazy damage on workout clothes and gear.

What’s on your fitness wish list?

Friday Favorites: Pinterest Edition

Happy FriYAY everyone! I am so excited that the weekend is here because it means I move back to school tomorrow! I’ve had a great break, but I’m more than ready to get back to my routine and friends.

I’m linking up with Heather for my first Friday Favorites post! Since I’ve had a lot of down time the past few days I have been browsing Pinterest a little more than usual. I thought I would share some of my favorite finds as of late!

One of my goals for 2016 is to run a half marathon. I found this training plan and it’s looks very doable. I definitely consider myself a “beginner” because right now I don’t run more than 3 miles at a time

I love Julie’s blog, and this recipe looks amazing!

I want to get into lifting weights this year. I liked this plan and I’ll have access to a gym and all the equipment at my school’s gym.

I love DIY’s and using natural products. I think I’ll be referring to this pin a lot in the future.

I did this workout in my living while watching The Kardashians, and my heart was beating after!

This would be perfect for spring break, GO BULLS!

Words to live by

This will be me moving back into my apartment on campus

Meet Me: An A to Z Survey

Hello all! Welcome to my brand new blog. I thought a little surgery would a be a good first post so I can share a little bit about me.  Also, my brain hurts from figuring out all this blog stuff, so a no brainer survey is perfect right now 😉

I had seen this cute little A to Z survey on some other blogs that I read so I decided fill it out for myself.

A – Age: 19.

B – Biggest Fear: Being alone.

C – Current Time: 8:25 p.m.

D – Drink You Had Last: Chamomile tea.

Love this brand

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: My little sister.

F – Favorite Song: Wow, that’s a hard one, I think I’m going to go with my favorite current song… so “Roses” by the Chainsmokers.

G – Grossest Memory: Luckily I was an observer for this one, but when my aunt was changing my cousin’s diaper and he umm, peed, straight in her open mouth- YUCK!

H – Hometown: Safety Harbor, Florida

I – In Love With: My amazing boyfriend, wonderful family and all the fur babies.

J – Jealous Of: Anyone on a warm beach vacation right now!

K – Kindest Person You Know: My mom- she has a huge heart.

L – Longest Relationship: Too long with an ex 😉

M – Middle Name: Anne

N – Number of Siblings: One.

O – One Wish: A life full of happiness and love.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My mom.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “What are you going to school for?” The lift of a college student lol. By the way, the answer is nursing.

R – Reason To Smile: Moving back to school on Saturday! I’m so ready.

S – Song You Last Sang: “Home Alone Tonight” by Luke Bryan.

I’ve seen him in concert twice!

T – Time You Woke Up: 7:45 a.m.

U – Underwear Color: Confession- I’m not wearing any.

V – Vacation Destination: Hawaii!

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii!?

W – Worst Habit: Picking my cuticles.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Teeth, neck, arm (growth plate).

Y – Your Favorite Food: Watermelon, I can eat watermelon like nobody’s business.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

And that concludes my first blog post.

Feel Free to answer your favorite survey questions in the comments!

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