The Skinny Rules… Are you Freaking Kidding Me?

I hesitated in writing this post. I came across Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules on Pinterest, and thought, surley no one could actually believe that these are rules they should be following?


But then I thought, when I was 13 years old I would have took these rules for law. These rules would have been my bible, and I would have followed every one to a T. That being said, when I was deep in my eating disorder I did follow these insane rules and MORE. And you know what happened? I lost weight I did not even have to lose. My hair started falling out, I had no energy, my butt and back bones were so exposed that I got bruises from sitting… The list goes on.

Today I wanted to destroy some of these “rules.” I want someone to read this post and know that these rules are NOT okay. They are incredibly unhealthy and should be banned from the internet.

Some of the Most F***ed Up “Rules” On the Internet

Drink a large glass of water before every meal- no exceptions.

Okay water is good, water is essential, I drink at least a galloon a day myself. But before every meal? No exceptions? Umm no, drink when you are thirsty and your body will tell you how much you need to stay hydrated.

Don’t drink your calories

Ever heard of a glass of milk full of calcium and vitamin D? Or a protein shake post workout to give your body the energy it needs to recover? Or a fun latte at Starbucks with a friend? Ya, all those things are incredibly healthy in their own way.

Eat Protein at EVERY Meal -or stay hungry & grouchy!


While protein does help keep you satiated, and I do agree you should have protein at every meal, there shouldn’t be this much pressure.

Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours & Grains

I eat white rice almost every single day. It is a fast digesting carb to refuel your body. And everything in moderation folks!

Eat 30-50 grams of FIBER per day!

The recommendation is  28-30 grams a day. And 50 grams? Prepare to be very bloated and constipated.

Eat Apples & Berries Every single day- Yes, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!

There are plenty of other delicious fruits out there. How about a banana or some melon? Maybe I don’t want berries every freaking day.

NO Carbs after Lunch

needs carbs

Just NO. Carbs are the body’s primary source of energy. Unless you want to be a tired, hangry biatch… don’t do this.

Stop Guessing about Portion Size & Get it Right-for good!

This-screw you serving size

No more added sweeteners-including artificial ones!

I agree we should avoid too much artificial sugar, but eliminating anything completely can lead to an unhealthy attitude toward food.

Get rid of White potatoes!


Why? They are just as good for you as any other potato.

Get rid of Fast foods & fried foods

Eating these things once in a while won’t kill you.

Banish High Salt Foods

You need sodium to live. Too little electrolytes will send your body into shock. Don’t poor the whole salt shaker on your food, but don’t be afraid of poor old salt.

Go to bed hungry

LMAO, I average about 500 calories right before bed every night, and I am doing just fine. Personally I would be up all night with hunger pains if I didn’t eat right before bed. Your body is not a clock, so freaking eat when you’re hungry!

Plan one splurge MEAL per week

I do not believe in “cheat” meals or “splurges.” Food is food, using these words to describe it make food seem like it is either good or bad. Food just is, that cookie won’t kill you, and the carrot stick won’t make you a Saint.


I would love to hear your thoughts on these “rules” and other insane nutrition and health myths!

Note: I am not a registered dietitian. This is what I do know about proper nutrition and this post reflects my opinions on health and wellness.

A Killer Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

Now that we got the jams, here is a killer workout to pair them with. I did this workout on Tuesday this week, and I was feeling the burn the next day. I linked a video to each exercise. Focus on slow, controlled movements for each form. Weight should be light enough to perform the correct number of reps, but heavy enough so it feels like work!

Glutes and Hamstrings

Reverse pull through 4x 12

I am still working on my form for this one. Keep you back flat, and you will should feel this in your hamstrings. Make sure to squeeze the glutes when you pull through.

Kick back (using cable) 4x 15 each leg

Alternatively, use a band like these. Also, watch gym traffic to avoid kicking people 😉

Reverse Hack Squat 4×12

Single leg press 4x 12 each leg
I didn’t use any weight on the machine, just focused on driving through my heals

Barbell Step ups 4x 10 each leg

Romanian deadlifts 4x 20
Take your time and read up on proper form. If you aren’t sure, ask a trainer or someone you trust for helps. It is easy to hurt yourself during big compound lifts like this if you aren’t using the right form. Use dumbbells or a barbell.

Single leg curl 4x 10 each leg

Go slow and controlled. Keep your hips pressed against the pad. Here is a tutorial for a seated machine.

Lying leg curl 4x 12

Hips pressed against the pad, dorsiflex your feet.

Feel the Fear… And Do It Anyway

This is the mindset that brought about my recovery.

From November of 2010 until August of 2016 I was afraid. Change was needed, but my fear overwhelming.

I feared losing control, gaining weight, feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t know who I would be, or how I could cope without an eating disorder. It unnerved me to even ponder letting go of my food rigidity and exercise addiction. I was afraid to trust my dietitian, treatment team and ultimately: My own body.

My eating disorder was a coping mechanism for 6 long years. Even when I seemed to be doing okay (i.e. not in a hospital or treatment center of some type), I was still very much in the grips of anorexia. It kept me “safe” and I felt in control. That is, until it didn’t.

Finally, I reached a point in my life where I knew I would lose everything if I stayed in my disease. It was the Summer of 2016, I was wasting away to skin and bone. I could just envision what would happen if I did not change:  I would lose the ability to go to college, my boyfriend who I love dearly would probably move on, I would be sent to a treatment facility against my will… and the crushing reality- I could die.

Fear and Faith

Fear stems from a lack of faith. Whether you believe in God, the powers of the universe or nothing, fear arises when you face uncertainty and are scared to move forward into the unclear future.

Faith is the opposite of fear. Faith is trusting in advanced what will only make sense in reverse. And that is what I did.  I set aside my fear, and trusted the process.

That first step will be intimidating. This is where “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” comes into play. You put your head down, dig deep, and listen to that whisper inside you that says, “I can do this.”

Afterwords, I can tell you from experience that it will feel like the weight of the world is lifted off your chest. You will have a lightness about you because finally, after years and years of being alone, you finally have put your trust into something outside of yourself. For me it was God and my dietitian. I knew neither of them would fail me. Deep down my fear of staying in my eating disorder was greater than letting it go.

I wish I could make anyone struggling in life let go of their fear and trust the process. But I cannot. The reality is you must choose to change on your own. My hope for anyone reading this is that it does not take you 6 years. I pray that you may find your mustard seed of faith, and let it grow. I promise, the other side of fear is a beautiful place to be.

Get Pumped Gym Playlist

This playlist will help you own your hour long workout.

I use the Spotify app for streaming and listening to music. I like that you can browse through top charts and  playlists based on your own musical preferences. Every Monday, Spotify also puts together a “Discover Weekly” playlist based off what you’ve been listening to. I’ll be honest, sometimes my Discover Weekly totally sucks. But sometimes Spotify nails it and I end up downloading songs I never would have come across before. I pay monthly so that I can listen to music without using data in the car, but the free version is just as good!

Get Pumped Gym Playlist by Sarah


{My} Top Songs From this Playlist

“In Da Club”

50 Cent throwback! Certified classic from 2003. Go shawty, it’s your birthday.


AKA, the Magic Mike song 😉 Ladies, you know this song makes you feel hot. And when you feel hot, you feel confident. Confidence=power=stronger lifts!

“Donald Trump”

Political opinions aside, I like this song.

“Say My Name”

I first heard this song on one of my favorite fitness Youtubers, Emily Duncan’s channel, so when I listen to it I think of her, which motivates me big time because she is someone I really admire in the fitness industry.

“Jordan Belfort”

Don’t ask me why, but this song gets me soo pumped. Confession: I used to listen to this before my 8 am Saturday Biology lab last semester to help wake me up. I was the life of the party in that lab- the power of music folks 😉


Hope you enjoyed this playlist!

Tell me…

Are you on Spotify?
Favorite song to jam to?