A Killer Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

Now that we got the jams, here is a killer workout to pair them with. I did this workout on Tuesday this week, and I was feeling the burn the next day. I linked a video to each exercise. Focus on slow, controlled movements for each form. Weight should be light enough to perform the correct number of reps, but heavy enough so it feels like work!

Glutes and Hamstrings

Reverse pull through 4x 12

I am still working on my form for this one. Keep you back flat, and you will should feel this in your hamstrings. Make sure to squeeze the glutes when you pull through.

Kick back (using cable) 4x 15 each leg

Alternatively, use a band like these. Also, watch gym traffic to avoid kicking people 😉

Reverse Hack Squat 4×12

Single leg press 4x 12 each leg
I didn’t use any weight on the machine, just focused on driving through my heals

Barbell Step ups 4x 10 each leg

Romanian deadlifts 4x 20
Take your time and read up on proper form. If you aren’t sure, ask a trainer or someone you trust for helps. It is easy to hurt yourself during big compound lifts like this if you aren’t using the right form. Use dumbbells or a barbell.

Single leg curl 4x 10 each leg

Go slow and controlled. Keep your hips pressed against the pad. Here is a tutorial for a seated machine.

Lying leg curl 4x 12

Hips pressed against the pad, dorsiflex your feet.

5 thoughts on “A Killer Glutes and Hamstrings Workout

    • sarah4rdfl@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Kat! And yes sometimes you have to get creative, and mixing it up is better in my opinion anyway, from a mental and physical perspective.

    • sarah4rdfl@gmail.com says:

      Hey Julie thanks for reading! I would recommend doing these exercises at a low weight for beginner, and Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding workouts for all levels of fitness.

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