Health for Me Looks Different Than Health For You

I used to think health was one size fits all. Now, at the ripe old age of 21 (as of two weeks ago-happy birthday to me!), my philosophy has changed and most likely will continue to change as I grow and learn.

I believe that health and wellness is incredibly individualized. I used to gobble up diet and workout advice from magazines and think what worked for such and such fitness model would work for me. Oh how wrong I was.

My body is not your body, yours is not mine. We are so incredibly unique, from the hair on our heads to the bacteria in our guts. Unless you are an identical twin, your DNA is unique to you. And even if you are a twin, your needs are still your own.

What is Health?

I think the rough framework of “health” is something most humans should model- eat wholesome foods, move your body, get plenty of sleep and drink your H20.

That is a very vague outline, and it is up to us as individuals to fill in the details for what works for us and our bodies. That’s the hard part- figuring out what your body needs, and listening to it!

Listening to Your Body

I am currently still in the process of learning my body’s unique needs and, the real kicker, honoring those needs. After 6 years of denying my body of the food it was begging for, and running it into the ground exercising, I have done some damage to the relationship I have with my body. You should be in sync with your body, not a separate entity from it. Your mind, body and soul work together to be a whole. As children, we are all born this way, but for a lot of us, the bonds get severed as we grow and adopt false beliefs about ourselves or how we should treat our selves.

It is a journey to truly listen to what your body is telling you, without letting those false, learned “rules” sneak in to question your intuition. Trust your body, and it will it will start to trust you again.

One of the biggest tips I have for rekindling that bond is to stop comparing yourself to others. Just because the “fit” girl on Instagram is having a giant acai bowl for breakfast doesn’t mean you have to. If your body is craving a salad for lunch but your friend orders a burger, you should honor your craving as your friend should honor hers.

Stop comparing your body to others. Love it and treat it with respect. This is something I am working on and it is definitely a learning process. It may take time to understand what your body needs and get those instinctive cues back. For now, just do the next right thing. Eat whole some foods, but also go out for froyo. Exercise, but get enough rest days in. Talk kindly to your body, don’t tear it down with “fat talk.”

Healthy looks different on everyone, to compare is to despair. When you begin to honor your body you will thrive. Your health is your greatest wealth. 

9 thoughts on “Health for Me Looks Different Than Health For You

  1. Kat says:

    LOVE this post girl. It’s taken me a long to except that health is different for everyone – but now I can’t believe that I ever thought other wise. Each of us are uniquely made – no body is exactly the same, so why on earth would our health & well-being be carbon copies on one another? THEY WOULDN’T!
    Kat recently posted…Broccoli & Kale Quinoa SaladMy Profile

    • says:

      Thanks Kat! It really is a journey, and you are so right- the beauty of it all is that we are unique!

  2. Miss Polkadot says:

    Beautifully said, girl. I especially like the part about being in sync with with our bodies. Actually, I adopted the thought of not having a body but being one. Meaning that we can’t separate our physical from our mental self and as such shouldn’t speak/think badly about [certain parts of] “our bodies”. Because they’re not separate from us but part of the whole that makes us up.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Do you mind your macros [too much]?My Profile

    • says:

      I LOVE that- being a body instead of just having one. What a great perspective. Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. Julia @ Drops of Jules says:

    I find this topic more and more relevant as I ease into the maintenance of a normal life without thinking about recovery all the time. I’m firmly into recovery, so health for me now, looks different than it did a year ago. That’s what is so interesting! Health is constantly fluctuating, even in our own lives. Love that you are working through aspect!

    Always sending you love and thinking of you!
    Julia @ Drops of Jules recently posted…My Favorite PodcastsMy Profile

    • says:

      Thank you Julia! I completely agree, health is ever evolving and changing as we grow and change. So proud of you for continuing to push and grow in your own journey despite all of life’s curveballs.

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