Channeling My Inner Fashionista

Where are my fashion-challenged ladies at?

Well I feel ya, I am very much a workout clothes inside and outside the gym kind of girl. I can seriously do some damage on athletic clothing- and shoes! However, the truth is I do really like fashion and enjoy dressing up and looking girly.

Part of my problem is I hate shopping. Like strongly dislike it. I can handle about an hour and a half of shopping and then I feel overwhelmed- too many clothes! I need a “goal” when I go shopping like, “I am looking for a grey v-scoop neck shirt,” or “I need to find a dress for x event.”

My biggest dilemma is I just don’t know what to buy to be able to put together an outfit. I like to buy pieces that I think I could style multiple ways. However, I tend to have trouble putting outfits together in my brain.

That is where today’s post comes into play!

Lately, I have been trying to channel my inner fashionista. Pinterest and fashion bloggers are my go to sources for outfit inspiration. I also started to follow LiketoKnowit on Instagram and have found a lot of cute ideas on there. Slowly but surely, I am shopping for some cuter pieces and attempting to put outfits together. Here are some of my favorite ideas lately.

Brittany at Truth or Flares. I love these pants, they are sold out but I have been on the lookout for  a similar pair. Maybe these?

A cute Spring look! Also, no white after Labor Day/before Memorial Day is not a rule in my opinion-especially in Florida!

The white tee and jeans look, with a twist! Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls is another blogger I follow for fashion inspiration. I got this white off the shoulder shirt the other day at Express- love it!

Bodysuit and jean short; simple, sexy, sold.

T-shirt dresses in the Summer are a great option too. Super cute stuff at The Mint Julep Boutique by the way!

Finally, what do you think about this bathing suit? Thinking of ordering in maroon. SRRA is a local company, I am all about supporting the young entrepreneur!

Tell me…

Do you like shopping?
Go to Summer outfit?


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9 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Fashionista

  1. Jodie Yuncker says:

    I love shopping but hate it at the same time because when I cannot find what I want I’m just like okay let’s go the next store won’t have it either! Lol But anyways I need to start shopping and bringing out new styles myself since I haven’t been in so long due to not wanting to waste money on clothes that I know are not going to fit. But now that I am so close to my goal weight I need to get that fashionista girl back out and catch up to styles!

  2. Cara says:

    Oh girl! I feel you, I am not a lover of shopping too much either. But i love the first outfit you posted, the green ankle length pants. So cute 🙂

    • says:

      Thanks Cara! I think I am going to order a pair, that website has some really cute things and outfit ideas.

    • says:

      Crazy how different Florida and Colorado are! I would love to visit some time, such a beautiful state!

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