Channeling My Inner Fashionista

Where are my fashion-challenged ladies at?

Well I feel ya, I am very much a workout clothes inside and outside the gym kind of girl. I can seriously do some damage on athletic clothing- and shoes! However, the truth is I do really like fashion and enjoy dressing up and looking girly.

Part of my problem is I hate shopping. Like strongly dislike it. I can handle about an hour and a half of shopping and then I feel overwhelmed- too many clothes! I need a “goal” when I go shopping like, “I am looking for a grey v-scoop neck shirt,” or “I need to find a dress for x event.”

My biggest dilemma is I just don’t know what to buy to be able to put together an outfit. I like to buy pieces that I think I could style multiple ways. However, I tend to have trouble putting outfits together in my brain.

That is where today’s post comes into play!

Lately, I have been trying to channel my inner fashionista. Pinterest and fashion bloggers are my go to sources for outfit inspiration. I also started to follow LiketoKnowit on Instagram and have found a lot of cute ideas on there. Slowly but surely, I am shopping for some cuter pieces and attempting to put outfits together. Here are some of my favorite ideas lately.

Brittany at Truth or Flares. I love these pants, they are sold out but I have been on the lookout for  a similar pair. Maybe these?

A cute Spring look! Also, no white after Labor Day/before Memorial Day is not a rule in my opinion-especially in Florida!

The white tee and jeans look, with a twist! Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls is another blogger I follow for fashion inspiration. I got this white off the shoulder shirt the other day at Express- love it!

Bodysuit and jean short; simple, sexy, sold.

T-shirt dresses in the Summer are a great option too. Super cute stuff at The Mint Julep Boutique by the way!

Finally, what do you think about this bathing suit? Thinking of ordering in maroon. SRRA is a local company, I am all about supporting the young entrepreneur!

Tell me…

Do you like shopping?
Go to Summer outfit?


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#1 Reason Why You Didn’t Get Her Number

I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a college course required for all males (and honestly females too) on dating and relationship etiquette, specifically on how to appropriately approach a female if they want any hope of any future conversations or interactions.

And Tip #1 is introduce yourself.

I felt compelled to write this post because twice in the past 3 weeks I have been asked for my number by two different boys (I say boys because a man would not do this) and both of them did not introduce themselves or ask my name- what is that about?!

This is how I was approached

Boy: “Hey so, I was just wondering, can I have your number?

Me: “Umm, you wanna tell me your name?”


I’m sorry, but why the heck would I give you my number if you didn’t even ask my name or tell me yours? Like what are you going to put me in your phone as? Hot Girl From Gym?

Come on now.

With the second guy I spent a little time talking to him about what he should do next tip.


Steps to Asking a Female for Her Number

1.Introduce yourself

Hey, my name is Joe, what’s your name?

2.Have a little conversation before going in for the kill.

And I mean more than “You’re hot.” Actually ask things like ”What are you studying… oh ya I took a class like that last semester, who is your professor?”

3.Then if the female doesn’t look freaked out or very uncomfortable, you may ask her for her number.

“So, it was really nice talking to you [insert female’s name], I was wondering if I could get your number?”

Boom, easy.


Now, I understand it is hard for guys. I can imagine it must be nerve racking approaching a woman you find attractive. The threat of rejection is definetly there, but if you take the time to actually talk to the girl, I can promise you your odds of getting those digits will go up by at least 80%.

Disclaimer, I am not single and am in a very loving and committed relationship with an amazing man. So, these boys that approached me had no chance from the get go, but the message here for my girls is: do not settle for anything less than a gentleman.



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Back At It: Blogging

I’m not sure if I have any regular readers or subscribers on this little ole’ blog of mine, but for those of you who have read/checked out Bits of Zen before, you’ll notice it looks a lot different. Not only does it look different, but all of the posts are gone (well besides this one).

With that being said, Bits of Zen not only looks different, it is different!

The change isn’t because new year new me or any of that silliness- though the new look and direction does happen to coincide with the start of a new year. I am in a much different place in my life than I was back in January 2016 when I first began my blog. That is what the change is for.

I hit a bit of a slump in my writing and blogging, and stopped posting for a while. Recently though, I have felt the urge to get back into it; and what better way to do that than with a fresh slate!?

I am excited to begin blogging again and connecting with fellow bloggers and readers. If you happen to continue to stop by, you’ll be finding posts about my life, health, college, healthy eating, fitness, horseback riding, recovery and whatever else happens to inspire me. I also will be republishing some of my old favorite posts as part of am “archives” series.

Also, be sure to follow me, @sarahh_ford on Instagram for more of my antics 😉

I’ve gotten a lot stronger mentally and physically over the past 5 months. This is from my Instagram


I will leave you with that for today, happy 2017 everyone!

Tell me….

One of your goals for the new year?